Open Up, Laois & Offaly

Open Up is your complete guide to youth and family services in Laois and Offaly. Whether you’re a young person, parent or friend, teacher or professional, this website may be of use to you. It contains a full directory of all the services available to you in the two counties, if you or someone you know is in need of help or support.

This website also contains other resources such as videos that may be of interest. We encourage you to look around the website and share the link with anyone who might benefit. We also welcome any feedback you might have so please contact us if there’s anything you’d like to say or contribute.

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Kid throwing an American football


Laois Offaly Disability Directory

Guide to Supports and Services for Children and Young People with Disabilities

Being your child’s Emotion Coach

Emotional regulation for children under 12

Outsmarting the worries

Parenting the anxious child under 12

All Resources

Before this website came along, we weren’t sure what services were available locally and how to access them. It’s great to now see them all listed in one place with lots of useful information and contact details.